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Paprika with rabbit meat

Paprika with rabbit meat

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If the animal is young, the meat does not require maceration.

Maceration: the meat from a rabbit is washed, peeled and portioned, placed in a large bowl and mixed with spices, chopped onion, garlic, vinegar. Leave to cool for a few hours, until the next day.

Preparation: onions, peppers and carrots are cut into large pieces. Heat the lard and heat the onion, carrot and pepper and a pinch of salt. Leave for 5 minutes, then add the rabbit meat cleaned from the soaked vegetables and lightly fry. Add a little water or meat juice, bay leaves, garlic, salt and pepper. Boil the meat covered, adding water from time to time. When it is almost ready, put the glass of wine and the tomato paste. Allow to drop until the meat is well done.

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