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I started by making meat. I cut the onion into small pieces and then cleaned it and put the carrots through a large grater.

In a pot I put a little oil and I hardened the onion and then I added the carrot. I put the lid on and after about 10 minutes I added the meat. I put the lid on and left the meat on medium heat for about 20 minutes. After the time had passed in a glass I put about 250 ml of broth and filled the rest of the glass with warm water and mixed until they were no lumps. I put the contents over the meat, onion and carrot. I added a cinnamon powder, salt, pepper and sugar to taste. I let it boil and then I took the pot off the fire.

I cleaned, washed and cut the potatoes and put them in boiling water with a little salt. I make puree with milk and butter. You can do it as usual. After the water boiled, I drained the potatoes, added salt, milk and butter and mixed them until they were no longer lumpy.

We take a tray and grease it with butter. Add the first layer of puree, the second layer of meat and the next layer of puree. I made the sauce like this: in a bowl I put an egg and 250 gr of sour cream and mixed vigorously. I also grated cheese in a bowl and also, I mixed it well and I put the mixture over the last layer of the moussaka. I put it in the oven for an hour and it is served hot.