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Apple pie and bread

Apple pie and bread

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Recipe Apple pie and bread of 10-10-2019

There apple pie and bread it's a fantastic recycling idea! Unlike other bread cakes, in this case the bread will not be softened and mixed with the dough, but rather alternate layers of bread slices and slices of apples will be created, on which the egg and milk mixture will then be poured which will soften the whole. In short, with a few, very simple ingredients you can bring to the table an amazing, fragrant and super tasty dessert, which has so much of the typical Grandma's apple pies of the past, a little rustic but simply delicious;) My house liked it a lot, try the recipe and let me know what you think too: P


How to make apple pie and bread

First clean the apples, cut them into thin slices and sprinkle them with lemon juice.

Combine in a bowl, add sugar, almonds, cinnamon and lemon peel and mix.

Arrange on the bottom of the pan, lined with parchment paper, a first layer of slices of bread.
Add a layer of apple slices and sprinkle with some of the sugar mixture.
Then proceed with a second layer of bread, apples and sugar (if you have any remaining ingredients you can also proceed with a third layer, as long as you finish at least 1 cm from the edge of the pan).

Beat eggs and milk in a bowl and pour them evenly over the cake.
Let it rest for a few minutes while the oven is heating up (static, 180 ° C).
Before baking, sprinkle with a few knobs of butter, then cook for about 30 minutes.

The apple and bread pie is ready, you just have to let it cool down before serving.

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