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Coffee custard

Coffee custard

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Recipe Coffee Cream Custard by of 10-01-2014 [Updated on 28-11-2018]

How to know, I love the original custard, the one prepared with grandma's recipe. But today I wanted to change and I tried to do the coffee custard with a new technique that I read in a magazine: also in this case it was an easy and quick procedure, for which I poured the beaten eggs, sugar and starch into the milk and hot coffee, and the result was a smooth and cream with which I filled my grandfather's cake. This coffee cream is also very good on its own, served as a spoon dessert accompanying it with biscuits: try it and tell me what you think: P


How to make coffee custard

Simmer a stick of vniglia in milk, then lift it up and add the coffee

In a bowl, whip the egg yolks with the sugar
then add the starch and mix until you get a cream

Pour the mixture into the pan with the milk and hot coffee and mix

Put it back on the heat and cook the coffee cream, stirring occasionally

As soon as it has thickened, put out the flame.

Pour the cream into a citole and cover with a film.

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