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Cheese fondue with sausages

Cheese fondue with sausages

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Cheese fondue recipe with sausages of of 16-01-2009 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

There cheese fondue it is a preparation based on fontina that has its origins rooted in northern Italy and especially in Val d'Aosta and Piedmont. The fondue is served in a container, the Caquelon, in which each diner dips his piece of bread with an elongated fork. The Caquelon it is brought to the table and placed on a metal support at the base of which there is a flame that keeps the fondue always stringy for the duration of the meal.
There are different types of fondue, which differ from each other for the types of cheese used and for the type of cooking. This cheese fondue recipe that I propose today is the Italian variant, the Piedmontese recipe and that one in between Aosta Valley and which involves adding pieces of sausage.
A dish as rich as it is greedy that you can enjoy during a winter dinner, perhaps in front of a nice lit fireplace.


How to make cheese fondue with sausages

Cut the fontina into small pieces and place it in a bowl covered with milk. Let the fontina soften in the milk for about 1 hour.

Drain the fontina from the milk, keeping a few tablespoons of milk aside and put it in a large non-stick pan.Add the butter and start melting the cheese over low heat.

As soon as the cheese is melted, add the beaten egg yolks and mix everything gently. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon.

Meanwhile, cook the sausages in a pan with a little water, when cooked, add a little white wine.

In the meantime, prepare some toasted bread by placing the sandwich bread on a hot plate.

Once you have a smooth and homogeneous mixture, add the sausages cut into small pieces.

Mix everything and pour into the Caquelon.
Place it on the steel stand and light the candle or flame at the base.

Serve the cheese fondue with sausages on the table along with the croutons.

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