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Bresaola rolls

Bresaola rolls

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Recipe Bresaola rolls from of 21-06-2014 [Updated on 08-06-2018]

Bresaola rolls are not a real recipe, if anything it is a nice idea to add to the classic cheese and cold cuts platter. I stuffed the bresaola with sweet gorgonzola and a soft cheese like philadelphia, rolled up like a cone and stopped everything with a blade of chives, served on a bed of rocket, they were an excellent cold appetizer to bring to the table. The recipe is also in the weekly Donnamoderna on newsstands this week on page 137 and it is worth trying :) Girls, I leave you the recipe for these bresaola rolls and I run away, I leave for the weekend and we hope that the weather is mild and that I can recharge a little ', basins.


How to make bresaola rolls

In a bowl, mix the gorgonzola with the philadelphia cheese, season with salt if necessary.

place a little cream cheese in the center of each slice of bresaola;

fold the slices of bresaola in order to obtain cones

Tie the bresaola rolls with cheese with chives, then place them on a plate in which you have placed a bed of rocket and serve

Video: Perfect Bresaola Bundles Recipe Presented by Volpi Foods (June 2022).


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