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Lasagna with eggplant

Lasagna with eggplant

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Eggplant Lasagna Recipe by of 18-10-2016 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

These lasagna with eggplant they are the first dish of gluten-free pasta I eat in my life. As you know for a couple of years, thanks to the advice of one of the girls of my staff who is intolerant to gluten, I approached the world gluten free, what I have done so far, however, is to adapt classic recipes by eliminating or replacing the ingredients that contain gluten so as to be able to propose dishes that meet the needs of many friends who suffer from this disease.
I made this recipe with Schär products thus participating in the #GUSTOSENZAGLUTINE on tour and I was really happy to test myself :)
These aubergine lasagna made with their gluten-free egg sheets were my first experiment, I found them really tasty, a valid vegetarian alternative to the classic baked lasagna.
That's all for today, I'll leave you to the recipe and wish you a sweet day: *


How to make eggplant lasagna

Wash the aubergines, trim them and cut them into cubes.

Brown them in a large pan with a clove of garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

When they are well browned, add the tomato sauce, basil and salt and stir.

Prepare the bechamel by melting the butter with the starch in the pan. After a few minutes of cooking, add the diluted milk and stir continuously, avoiding the formation of lumps. Cook until the béchamel has thickened.

Now add salt and nutmeg.

In a saucepan with salted water and a drizzle of oil, blanch the sheets of pasta for about 4 minutes.
Then put them to dry on a clean cotton cloth.

Go now to assemble the gluten-free lasagna.

On the bottom of a baking dish, spread a little béchamel and cover with the first layer of pasta by placing the sheets slightly overlapping each other. Add the béchamel again, cover with the aubergines and pieces of ricotta.

Repeat the steps until you run out of ingredients. Finish with a layer of béchamel covered with parmesan. Now bake the lasagna at 180 ° C and cook for about 20 minutes.

Let it cool for a couple of minutes, then serve your lasagna with aubergines.

N.B. Before using any ingredient, make sure that the crossed ear symbol is present on the package and / or that the product is guaranteed as per the AIC handbook.

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