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Eggplant roses video recipe

Eggplant roses video recipe

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Recipe Eggplant roses video recipe of 08-05-2015 [Updated on 30-11-2015]

In this video recipe of puff pastry roses with aubergines I show you how to make an appetizing and spectacular appetizer in just a few steps :) The ingredients are few: puff pastry, aubergines, cooked ham and Parmesan, a few simple ingredients that, combined together, with a shape particular, in this case the rose, are able to create an appetizer with an excellent flavor and beautiful to see.
Therefore, the aubergine roses are perfect for a birthday party, a buffet dinner and why not? Also for a romantic dinner or to celebrate Mother's Day. Then you just have to watch the video to find out how they are prepared!


How to make eggplant roses

Video: How To Make An Eggplant Rose (June 2022).


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