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Scialatielli with seafood

Scialatielli with seafood

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Recipe Scialatielli allo scoglio di of 19-10-2014 [Updated on 04-05-2015]

The scialatielli allo scoglio are a must in my part, there is no restaurant specializing in fish dishes that does not have them on the menu, but finding those who make the scialatielli allo scoglio in a workmanlike manner is not obvious. When on Sunday I'm having lunch at my mom's house, this is the first dish we usually prepare and this is our recipe. I just have to wish you a good Sunday and if you want to prepare a seafood first course, prepare these scialatielli allo scoglio and more let me know, kisses; *


How to make scialatielli allo scoglio

Clean the shrimp by removing the heads, shells and tails, clean the squid by removing the entrails and the rostrum, then remove the tentacles and cut everything into small pieces.

Clean the mussels by removing the beards and put the clams in a bowl with water and salt for an hour to drain them.

Fry the garlic and parsley in a pan with the oil

pour the clams, mussels and cockles into the pan, cover with a lid to open the seafood.

As soon as the shells of the seafood have opened, add the white wine and simmer without the lid.

Now add the squid, shrimp and halved cherry tomatoes and cook for 5/10 minutes

Lift the seafood from the sauce, peel half of it and put it back in the pan, while keeping those left whole warm.

Meanwhile, cook the scialatielli in boiling water and as soon as they are cooked add them to the fish sauce.

Prepare a chopped parsley and oil,

pour it over the pasta then sauté the scialatielli allo scoglio for a few minutes in the pan.

To serve



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