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Tosca cake (in holiday clothes)

Tosca cake (in holiday clothes)

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1. Beat the egg whites with the sugar in a bowl (well degreased), then when they acquire the consistency of meringue foam add coconut, poppy seeds and, finally, flour (sifted and mixed with baking powder).

2. This composition is placed in a tray lined with baking paper and put in the oven, over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes, until the top hardens and acquires a golden color.

3. Meanwhile, prepare the vanilla cream, as follows: rub the 8 yolks well with the 8 tablespoons of sugar, then add 300 ml of milk and an envelope of vanilla pudding and boil the composition in a bain-marie until it thickens (like mayonnaise). . When this cream is cold, gradually add 300g of butter, mixing well, and at the end it will be spread over the poppy puddle taken out of the oven.

4. Place the biscuits on top of the cream layer (soaked in coffee with sugar) next to each other, until we cover the entire surface of the tray.

5. The cake will be glazed with a cream glaze mixed with melted chocolate (or microwave). Decorate after inspiration with candy !!!

Sheets with honey

How do we proceed :
Mix the ingredients for the sheets and boil them for 4 minutes, stirring constantly. If you want the sheets to be darker in color, leave the mixture on the fire longer, but be careful, the sugar caramelizes very quickly.

When the composition is almost warm enough to put your finger in it without burning yourself, add flour and make a homogeneous crust, which is divided into 4 sheets that are baked on the back of the tray greased with oil for 6-7 minutes until nicely browned. I have been using baking paper for a while, spreading them directly on the baking sheet.

You can also make two baked sheets on the bottom of the stove tray and cut them in half each when they are baked.

Because I made this cake several times, I can tell you that it is quite difficult to spread the sheets but I will write you some tricks when the composition is hot, put only 300g of flour and mix. Then divide the dough into 4 and keep it warm. You can put it in one pot and the pot on another in which there is hot water or on a lid turned over a pot of hot water.

When you spread them on the bottom of the tray, use the flour.

While they cool, prepare the cream:

Boil the milk with semolina and then allow to cool. Rub the butter with the powdered sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice. Put it little by little in the cold semolina and mix well.

Again an observation I simplified the process of preparing the cream by putting the caster sugar directly in the milk, I boil the milk then I add the semolina and when the cream is cold I put all the butter and mix.

Then we make a syrup from 100ml of water and 1 tablespoon of sugar in which we put a little vanilla essence.

Sheet, with a brush we put a little syrup, cream, foil, syrup, jam, foil, syrup, cream, foil.

Powder with sugar and leave to cool overnight to soften the sheets then cut with a sharp knife.

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Here is a light but delicious cake: Cherry / cherry cake.

Coarse cake with poppy and coconut top, vanilla cream and

If you don't know me, you can find out more about me here. Eggless tart with pecans and caramel. Hemp seed cake. Morawetz), with cake and cake recipes collected by my mother during. I invite you to discover in my book, unique cake recipes, all made with a lot of passion and love in your own kitchen. But only paper books and not electronic (Kindle, e-Book, e-pub, Pdf, mobi, etc.). Dear friends, I received by e-mail a series of recipes and books. All materials posted below are in pdf format. Divide the cream into glasses, sprinkle with cocoa and serve immediately. It can be combined with any kind of keto sponge cake to get the Tiramisu cake. Are you looking for cake recipes without baking?

A cake can be a complex preparation, which takes hours to prepare. NOTES: The information contained in our guide and our cookbook does not replace assistance. We also have in mind a well-known writing in the middle of the twentieth century.

Beat the egg whites, then add the sugar, gradually mix a little more and add the coconut and poppy seeds and mix well with a spoon. At the end we add the flour mixed with a baking powder. Pour the composition into a greased and lined tray or put baking paper as it is simpler. Leave it in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes (do the toothpick test).

rub the yolks with the sugar until they turn white, add the starch and mix well. Boil the milk and add it in a thin layer over the eggs, stirring. Pour everything into the bowl in which the milk was boiled and mix continuously until it thickens well. At the end add the vanilla and butter and mix well.

the chocolate melts together with the margarine and the milk

Assembly: top with poppy seeds, cream, syrupy biscuits (cover the entire surface), icing.

Casa Antinori in festive clothes

Everyone is intensely preparing for the winter holidays. The cleanliness is in full swing, the housewives are preparing the most delicious recipes and the decoration of the houses is just beginning. You should know that even the restaurants do not discount this rule and an example in this sense is the restaurant Casa Antinori. For a few days now, their & # 8220home & # 8221 is decorated holiday clothes.

So, on the occasion of the holidays that are soon knocking on our door, Casa Antinori pampers its customers, lovers of good food and wine, with a dream setting.

About Casa Antinori

But for those who do not know the story behind this refined restaurant, find out that it all started in the summer of 2009, due to the passion for Italian gastronomic culture. The owners of the restaurant wanted to bring to Timișoara a bit of Italian atmosphere and cuisine, as there is no need for those who love Italy to travel there to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Behind the design of the place is the passion and admiration for what the history of those who founded the Roman Empire left behind. The way it is arranged is inspired by the Tuscany area, the area where you can eat very well and drink the best wine. Through what they have achieved with this restaurant, the people from Casa Antinori believe that they have managed to create a refined space, a cradle of Italian gastronomy, through the excellence of their cuisine and the Tuscan atmosphere that the design inspires to all those who cross its threshold.

The design of the place consists of simple elements such as: stone, brick, wood and wrought iron which, placed together, create a warm and welcoming place. The transformation of the place was not an easy one and required hard work, but the result was commensurate with the effort made.

Antinori House before and after renovation

The interior of the restaurant before and after the renovation

The culinary specifics of the restaurant

The culinary specificity of the restaurant satisfies the tastes of all gourmets. The menu includes dishes specific to Italian and Mediterranean cuisine from all parts of Italy. From the classic baked pizza on oak wood, homemade pasta, fresh fish, fresh seafood, game meat and even the famous Black Angus beef, as well as the famous Tuscan steak "Bistecca alla Fiorentina" or as the English call it, T-bone steak.

The devotion to Italian flavors can be found at Casa Antinori in all fresh and carefully selected ingredients, brought right from Italy. They are prepared by a chef of Italian origin, precisely to preserve the authenticity of Italian cuisine.

Why go to the Antinori House

One of the strengths of the place is the quality of the products used as raw material for the dishes prepared in the restaurant. The restaurant has the same suppliers since they opened and does not compromise on quality.
Also, the services offered by a team formed and maintained over time and oriented to customer needs are another reason why you choose Casa Antinori.
Themed evening events, such as in the summer when there are Barbeque type evenings on the restaurant terrace, can be the perfect option for a dinner or lunch. You can follow their Facebook page to stay up to date with upcoming events.

Although from the outside it may seem like an expensive and exclusive restaurant, in the menu there are prices and products for all pockets. Customers can come to Casa Antinori and enjoy a special atmosphere even if they do not want to spend a lot.

The Casa Antinori restaurant is open to all those who want to dine in a special atmosphere with quality services and where all customers are equally important, regardless of the value of consumption.

Holiday Antinori restaurant program

Casa Antinori is closed only on 25.12 and 31.12. 2013, following that on January 1, 2014 the restaurant will be open starting at 3 p.m.


  • # For countertop 1 we need:
  • # 6 egg whites
  • # 150 g sugar
  • # 50 g mac
  • # 2 tablespoons coconut
  • # 3 tablespoons flour
  • # 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • # For the cream we need:
  • # 6 yolks
  • # 8 tablespoons sugar
  • # 3 tablespoons starch
  • # 225 ml milk
  • # 200 g butter
  • # vanilla
  • # For syrup we need:
  • # 100 ml water
  • # 100 g sugar
  • # 1 tablespoon chocolate liqueur
  • # For countertop 2 we need:
  • # 150 g regular biscuits
  • # For the glaze we need:
  • # 100 g dark chocolate
  • # 50 ml fresh liquid
  • # 50 g butter

The right clothes start with the right underwear

As for the holiday outfits, it's useless to put something beautiful on top, if you don't care what you put underneath. So any outfit starts with the right lingerie.

& # 8222If your weight fluctuates, be sure to change your bras and junk. Because if they are the right size, they change so much visually if you have what you need underneath. It is difficult for us to receive personalized advice for choosing lingerie in stores, but online there are blogs where you can find out precious things & # 8221, says Ava.

Maria thinks that a woman with shapes is a little harder to dress, so a solution would be to use clothes to order.

& # 8222A standard measure does not dress well any conformation. So I should try to go to a designer, that's how my clothes fit and my figure forced me to think like that & # 8221, says the blonde who wears a black dress, with the neckline nicely fastened with a brooch on one side.

& # 8222I would recommend women with shapes to have the courage to wear colors. Many believe that they do not benefit them and that they make them bigger, but this is not true. The challenge is to combine the garments. You can't wear a molded dress when you have shapes unless you have another piece on top, a jacket, a jacket, for example & # 8221, says Maria.

& # 8222Less is more & # 8221 (& # 8222less means more & # 8221) also applies to the extravagant New Year's Eve. & # 8222I don't think you have to think about trends, but what you're going to do at that party. If you know that you are a man who dances, moves, you will not take some flu-flu dresses, which cling, because you will always be tense not to hit me, to be careful. You have to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, to be you. If you like to sit at the table, you don't dance much, then maybe you want to stand out through your clothes. But if you have tens of thousands of necklaces or bracelets, you will not be able to dance. You have to think about yourself first & # 8221, Ava talks about the practice of outfits.

It seems that only the Christmas tree is decorated during this period, not us. Therefore, tailoring accessories is another piece of advice from designers. & # 8222When you buy clothes, the clothes must be beautiful, they must be of quality, but they must not attract more attention than you. You should wear the coat, not the coat should be worn & # 8221, added Ava.

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Very successful cake, it leaves water in my mouth, send me a piece directly on the balcony with my prasitia :))


looks great!
mai Miha!
you make the perfect cakes, literally! :))

How good it looks and after it contains it must be very good!
Kiss you, have a nice weekend!

May, you are an inexhaustible source of sweets, I kiss you and a wonderful weekend, I no longer look at the fries because it seduces me badly!

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I have a prize for you! I wish you a beautiful week! XXX

Vicky, thank you!
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Really a good and fine cake. Worth a try. And if you don't have lustful dwarfs around, you can make the Diamond version, syrupy with coffee. )

Gaby, did I tell you you were pretty? :)
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I'll be there in a moment! Thanks! Kiss!

miha, how beautiful the cake came out, acush saw!: D tell me quickly did you like it? he turned his back on me completely!: D kiss you, a fine day!: D

My luck was the contest on, to notice this cake. Only I stayed salivating at your blog admiring many other dishes. I'm on a diet, so sweets in moderation. But I noticed how special some of them are here and how well presented. I will definitely pass by, rinse my eyes and get more inspiration when I make sweets on Carbohydrate Day. Congratulations!

Elena, thank you very much for your appreciation.
And especially for the vote on the cook, if you will give it to me. :)))
I am still waiting for you at my place and I hope you will always find here what you want.
Pup and good day!

Diamond, darling, I don't know how to do it because I failed to answer you. It was not intentional. Forgive me.

Yes, we really liked the cake. A successful combination! :)

I also made this Easter cake and it turned out delicious! I had great success with it! The cream is very fine and fluffy and excellently combined with chocolate icing! Yummy!

Lavida, sa o papati sanatosi. I'm so glad you liked it. It really is a very good and good looking cake. :)

who can tell me what I can replace the starch with? thanks

Ester, you can replace it with flour.

I tried the recipe and victory, it was a beautiful gift for my daughter Andreea, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Congratulations for divine recipes

Violet, I'm very happy for your success! Many kisses!

servus miha, I also have a question IF I WOULD MAKE THE COUNTERS A FEW DAYS BEFORE?

Honestly, I never tried to make the countertops a few days before. But I think that 2-3 days, kept in a cool and dry place, there are no bathrooms.

Super praji. I had it in the plan for some time and now it's her turn. I really liked it. I would have liked to syrup the biscuits in the coffee, but no, that's how it is with dwarfs :) Kisses and a quiet Christmas!

It's absolutely fabulous. I did it for New Year's Eve and my husband's birthday, and absolutely everyone was conquered by it! My first recipe came out, I usually don't get new recipes, but this is wonderful!
Congratulations, and thanks for the recipe!

Ancuta, kisses! I had a little more and I would get here the other Christmas. :))) It wasn't malicious, please excuse me.

Irina, I'm very happy for your success. It really is a delicious cake, easy to make and very good looking.
I hug you and I'm waiting for you around me. :)

Wonderful. I still ask, 50 g poppy seeds or 100, in the picture it looks more like this. I'm waiting for an answer. Thank you, have a good day!

Mikaela, it's exactly as I wrote in the recipe, 50 g. It seems multi-purpose, but the poppy being easy enters quite a lot in the 50 g.
If you find it too little or too much you can adjust the amount according to your preference. )
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask me.
A busy day.

It's a very good recipe! I did it recently and it ended in one day, which is to be appreciated for some & quotfitos & quot for food !! Thank you very much for the recipe and for much more from this blog & gt: D & lt!

Andra, be well. I'm so glad you impressed your whims. I also have my captives at home and I know what joy they feel when you see them swallowing. :)))

What is 1 tablespoon of flour in grams? I have a measure from MP and it has 6 g of flour. At this recipe, considering 6g / spoon, it seems too little. I wouldn't want to make a mistake with the recipe. So how much?

1 tablespoon flour = 25 grams

I would be interested in the icing, for a cake with a diameter of 28 cm, with a countertop somewhere about 10 eggs, the quantities must be doubled, or I have enough with the quantities written by you. ? And on the edges can I arrange the glaze with a squeegee, a knife, or does it lose its consistency? And finally, one last question ... would it still be necessary to cover the cake with cream before the icing, or not? I want to mention, if necessary, that I have ganache cream.
Thank you very much.
Have a nice day!

Now, if you want to put the glaze on the edges, you will have to double the quantities.
While the liquid is still, pour it over the cake starting from the middle of the worktop and let it flow over the edges. It's okay to use a knife with a wide blade.
It is not necessary to grease the cake with cream. The icing is soft when you pour it over the cake, it sticks well to the top.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Here are! :)

the cake looks great and I think it tastes great

The cake looks good and I think it tastes great

I have a question about chocolate cream. liquid cream is the cream you beat until the cream is made? does not cut when boiling? thank you very much. the cake is sensational

Raluca, liquid cream is the cream you beat and cream is made, yes. There is the vegetal variant (Hulala, Meggle.) And the natural variant (La Dorna, Viam from Kaufland.)

Thank you and I wish you luck! : *

I also have this recipe from my mother-in-law .. only k is a little..ff a little different .. namely in quantities. and biscuits take picnic k absorbs much faster than usual. and instead of tormenting me with cream, k sticks to the bottom, I make a vanilla pudding..and everything comes out k to the book..shows fff bn and the taste mmm..Yami YAmi ..stop don't stop.on the word my

Biscuits can be of any kind in the end, it's just a matter of preference. I don't like it because it softens too much, but. repeat. it's just a matter of taste.

Thank you for visiting and I'm still waiting for you!

I made this cake yesterday too, it's super good. bravo Miha! congratulations !!

Beat the egg whites until stiff, then add in turn the 10 tablespoons of sugar (as for meringue) and vanilla sugar.

Then add the yolks one by one, the flour mixed with the baking powder and mix by inverting until everything is incorporated and it becomes a homogeneous mass.

Put the top in a tray, lined with baking paper, place the cherries on top (I let them drain and then I gave them flour so as not to leave the bottom)

Bake on low heat for 25 minutes. Allow to cool and place on a plate or tray.

Video: Swedish Almond Caramel Cake, or Tosca cake Toscakaka (May 2022).