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Drool Worthy Lego-Inspired GLASS Megayacht Will Blow You Away

Drool Worthy Lego-Inspired GLASS Megayacht Will Blow You Away

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After seeing his concept design for GLASS, Lujac Desautel can design us a luxury yacht any day! This floating oasis is simultaneously a megayacht and an amazing modern house, with 5,600 square feet of roaming space on its twin hulls. You've got everything on here, floor-to-ceiling windows, several swimming pools, and glass elevators, all wrapped up in an awesome concept that uses Legos and skyscrapers as inspiration.

Desautel (who was nominated for the Young Designer of the Year by Boat International Media), built the design upon a SWATH (Small Water-plane Area Twin Hull) platform and looked to the infinite blocking possibilities Legos create for inspiration.

"Each floor is entirely dedicated to maximizing the amount of living space for guest and crew on board." Like a skyscraper, glass is used to reflect the surrounding area (which just so happens to be the open sea) and an elevator makes up its core, passing through the "crew pantries, wine cellar, sick berth, kitchen, and day heads."

The boat is organized vertically by three cubic volumes, with the middle volume protruding out farther than the others to give you amazing views from anywhere on the floor. One of our favorite design features, aside from the general overall wow factor, is the Mayan temple-like aft deck that lowers itself into the water for easy access to water toys — you can even use it as a performance platform for parties.

In short, we need this concept to become a reality as quickly as possible.