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The Best Grilling Tools

The Best Grilling Tools

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Separate the must-have tongs and fish turners from the clunky, hard-to-handle ones with this guide to the best grilling tools.See More: 10 Essential Grilling Tools

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"What's Your Best Grilling Food?"

W ould you like to know more about grilling a perfectly seasoned steak, chicken, fish, seafood or even vegetables? Have you ever heard of a 'lomi lomi burger?' It's one of the tasty grilled foods that will gently surprise you. Let's wake up the taste buds and fire up these sizzling delights!

Now see, smell and taste your favorite food as it comes alive on the grill. Hamburgers, kabobs, salmon. the list goes on. If you can cook it, they say, you can grill it. Right? In this grilling kitchen you'll find comprehensive useful tips, techniques, recipes and the tools to prepare zesty food. Slap on your apron and get your gloves, we're about to fire up the grill!

Amaze yourself with marinades and sauces that you can make from scratch. All the great flavor you create is yours to share, savor and enjoy!

Summer Grilling

How about the different grilling techniques? You can 'smoke', use planks, charcoal, wood, gas, direct and indirect heat and the cutting edge infrared heat. Phew! You can even grill indoors!

Rubbing, basting, tenderizing, pulling, glazing . want more?

Do you like tailgating? Well, there's a little something here for you too! Menus, ideas, tools, recipes and other tailgating essentials.

Take your time sampling out these pages. Hopefully, you'll find recipes that inspire, techniques that challenge and good flavor to cherish.

Best Overall: Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove

Tools are sturdy and lightweight

Handles are comfortable and durable

Does not come with a case

There’s a reason Cuisinart is largely preferred by professional chefs and home cooks. It’s considered one of the most reliable names in the kitchen game and this Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set proves why. It comes with three basic grilling tools—a grill spatula, a grill fork, and grill tongs—and a heat-resistant glove that protects your hand from the open flame or when lifting the cover off a charcoal grill.

Each of the grilling tools has elongated 12-inch stainless steel handles that are finished off with ergonomic, heat-resistant rubberized grips in bright red. The included wide spatula is a highlight for many customers because it's a true multi-use tool: it not only helps flip burgers and any other grilling meats, but also has an integrated bottle opener, a toothed edge, and a serrated edge. Cuisinart finished off its design with conveniently placed hooks at the end of each handle so you can easily attach each tool to your grill hooks so they’re within reach every time you need them.

20 Best Grilling Accessories to Buy in 2021

Gear up for cookout season with these must-have tools.

Summer is quickly approaching, and if you're anything like Ree Drummond that means you're probably already dreaming of all the best grilling recipes and the best BBQ sides you'll be making. But before you fire up the grill (or grill pan!) you'll want to make sure you have the right tools on hand. The best grilling accessories will help you take cookout staples like grilled chicken, steak, and burgers to the next level.

There's truly something for everyone in this guide to the best grilling accessories. Affordable essentials like extra-long tongs, stainless steel spatulas, and instant-read thermometers are covered. Looking to amp up the flavor of grilled meats and sides? You'll also find highly rated grilling supplies like cedar planks and smoker boxes. Shopping for a gift for a barbecue lover? This round-up includes totally giftable items like a pizza grilling kit, a set of bamboo BBQ tools, and a cookbook from an award-winning pitmaster that you won't want to miss. We've also included tried-and-true cleaning tools, protective gear, and more.

Keep reading for a closer look at the best grilling accessories to buy this summer. And for more ways to step up your cookout game, check out the best barbecue sauce brands.

This affordable tool set covers the essentials: tongs for flipping, a slotted spatula with a serrated edge, and a fork for piercing and serving. They're all made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel with soft grip handles and hanging holes for easy storage.

Every burger lover needs a good grill press. This highly-rated Cuisinart one is big enough to press two burgers at the same time, and it's also great for paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches. Try it out on Ree's copycat Freddy's Burgers.

3. BBQ Gloves

If you've ever burned yourself trying to reach something on the grill (say, a loose slice of pepper that's about to fall through the grates because you forgot to buy a grill mat), let this be a sigh of relief. These flame-resistant gloves are coated with FDA-approved neoprene to prevent you from burning your hands. One reviewer insists they're worth every penny, writing, "with these gloves, my hands and forearms were perfectly shielded from the temperature of the meat as well as the ambient heat of the coals below. They also did a great job keeping the heat away while I was dealing with red-hot chimneys."

10 Cool Grilling Tools to Try

This summer, elevate your backyard barbecue with new tools that make grilling your favorite foods (and cleaning up) easier than ever.

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Meatball Grill Basket

Turn meatballs into summery fare by infusing them with smoky flavor atop the grill. Twelve spherical wells preserve the meatballs’ shape and let fat drip through to the coals as they cook.

Taylor Bluetooth SmarTemp Thermometer

There's no longer a need to hang around a sweltering grill waiting for your dinner to cook. This bluetooth-enabled device syncs up with your phone using an app to notify you when your food is almost ready, ready or overcooked so you can stay cool inside.

Good Grips Corn Holders

No-slip grips and corkscrew-style prongs ensure that butter-fingered corn eaters have a solid lock on their cobs. The contemporary design offers a refreshing update to old-school, kitschy corn holders, but it’s the compact storage case that makes these a barbecue must. (Your junk drawer will thank you.)


Because the tines of this skewer are flat rather than round, food doesn’t spin when you flip it over. Plus, shorter prongs mean food won’t get mangled when being removed from the skewers after grilling.

Stuffed Burger Maker and Patty Press

If you continually find yourself with patties that fall flat, this clever kitchen aid acts as your cheat sheet to achieving the ideal burger. The dishwasher-safe 3-piece press and molds help you turn out square sliders, perfectly round patties and oversized gourmet stuffed burgers.

Stainless-Steel Hot Dog Roller

A flick of the cool-touch handle on this handy gadget keeps franks and brats rotating so that they brown evenly (but don’t burn) on the grill. Since you’re able to stack dogs closer to one another than when laying them directly on the grate, it makes feeding a crowd easier, too.

Chef'n Grill'n BBQ Branch Skewer

Taking inspiration from trees, this skewer has multiple prongs, which allows you to make the most of a smaller cooking surface. Isolate ingredients on prongs (or sides) to prevent flavor transfer and have easier control over cooking times.

Shellfish Rack

This sturdy basket collects oysters, clams and scallops neatly together on the grill and keeps their juices inside the shells. Once they&rsquore done cooking, it&rsquos easy to quickly pull them off the fire &mdash no more rubbery, overdone bivalves.


It's never too dark to tend the grill with these 20-inch locking tongs. A bright LED light shines just where it's needed when it's time to check if your steaks are perfectly done.

Grilling Grate Oiler Brush

Oiling the grill grate is a messy chore: paper towels disintegrate and brushes are sloppy. Made specifically for the task is this gizmo, which has stubby silicone bristles that deliver just the right amount of oil to the cooking surface.

Use a cast-iron griddle or two cast-iron skillets on the grill for this magic trick of a recipe that Sam Sifton adapted from Francis Mallmann, the Argentine chef. What you are aiming for on the edges of the meat and fruit is a burnished brown that is almost black, but not bitter or burned. It’s not hard, but it requires attention, and the results are transcendent: tender, crisp-edged garlic-rosemary pork and soft, juicy peaches kissed with brown butter. Try this recipe with plums or apricots, if you’re so inclined.

This vegetarian recipe from Melissa Clark is so easy and so satisfying, you might just find yourself making it weekly and eating the leftovers for a happy work-from-home lunch. Grill the eggplant, scoop out the flesh, add chopped tomato, then season everything with red wine vinegar, garlic, olive oil, herbs and a few capers for oomph. To make it a complete meal, add cooked lentils or crumbled feta and serve with pita.

10 Must-Have Grill Accessories

Available at most hardware stores and online retailers, these grill tools start at just $11.

Best Fire-Starter: Charcoal Chimney

Our Test Kitchen suggests lighting your charcoal with an easy, affordable charcoal grill chimney. One of the best grill tools for charcoal grills, you need only some newspaper, charcoal briquettes, and a grill lighter to get started. See more about how to safely light a charcoal grill if you need a quick refresher.

Best Multitasker: Grill Tongs

Say farewell to the pointy metal forks and prongs. Long grilling tongs like these are a much better tool because they don’t puncture meat (which causes juices to drain out onto the grates and the flame below). Use these best grill tongs to toss ingredients in marinades, transfer items from platter to grill, flip food, and serve with ease. Though you may not have thought of tongs as a grill cleaning tool, they are the perfect item to wipe down a still-hot grill without getting burned: Just wad up some foil and pinch with the tongs. Stock up on two or more of this ultimate grill tool so you can switch to a new pair of tongs between handling raw and cooked meat.

Best Heat Monitor: Air Probe

Many grills come with a thermometer in the lid to help you judge the cooking temp. But don’t be fooled: Because it’s at the top of the lid rather than adjacent to the cooking surface, the reading is not always the most accurate cooking temp. For a more precise estimate of the temperature, a factor that can help you ace that perfectly medium-rare steak, invest in an air probe to add to your grill tool set.

Best Way to Grill Small Ingredients: Skewers

Mushrooms, scallops, shrimp, and more taste incredible cooked over an open flame, but their small rounded shape means they can roll around or fall between grill grates. Keep everything in line with a set of sturdy kabobs. We like stainless-steel versions of these grill tools because they’re easy to clean, reusable, and don’t require soaking (compared to wood skewers, which are often disposable and require soaking for about 30 minutes before use so they don’t burn on the barbecue).

Best Flavor-Enhancer: Silicone Brush

Have you ever used a kitchen brush with brittle ends that break off and add strands to your recipe? You’re not alone. That is why we’ve added a silicone brush to our grill tool set so this never happens again. With its sturdy bristles and easy-to-wash components, this tool is our new go-to for slathering on barbecue sauce and basting with marinades. (But be sure to mix up a new batch with the same marinade ingredients rather than using the same marinade that you used to soak raw meat in order to be completely food-safe.)

Best Food Safety Savior: Instant-Read Thermometer

You&aposve got to cook meat to the proper temperature to prevent any pathogen-related foodborne illnesses. (Use our Test Kitchen “it’s done!” breakdowns as a guide.) Instant-read thermometers are ideal because they offer an accurate reading quickly—when you use it correctly. Here’s how to use your meat thermometer like a pro.

Best Safety Grill Tool: Grill Gloves

A pair of heat-resistant gloves comes in handy when you need to handle a piping-hot lid, turn kabobs or corn on the cob with tongs, or adjust grill grates. We prefer pairs coated with silicone for the nonstick grip. This grill tool is versatile: Bring the gloves inside when grilling season is over and use them while baking and cooking.

Best Seafood and Side Dish Secret: Meat, Vegetable, and Fish Grill Basket

Similar to skewers, a stainless-steel grill basket is a low-fuss way to grill fruit, vegetables, and smaller pieces of meat and seafood. The holes allow smoky flavor to penetrate, but the base keeps the itty-bitty items from slipping into the flames. Thanks to its ability to cook smaller pieces without having to thread skewers, we especially adore this as a vegetable grill basket.

Best Grill Cleaning Tool: Grill Brush

For the best flavor and safest cooking environment, brush the sediment off your grill grates before and after (it will slide right off if you do so while the grates are still warm!) each time you use your gas or charcoal grill. Once the flame is extinguished and the heat has died down a bit, brush thoroughly. Then before lighting it up again, give it another brush for good measure in case any items dropped onto the surface since the last use. To avoid the dangers of bristles in your grilled food, look for bristle-free versions of this ultimate grilling tool.

Best Clothing-Saver: Apron

To avoid getting splattered by sauces and grease, tie on a cloth apron. It&aposll also help you look the part and provide a spot to store your grill tongs, grill lighter, and more. Seek out an apron that’s machine washable to add to your barbecue tool set. We recommend stocking up on two or more so you can clean one while you wash the other to keep your grill game going strong (and tidy).

80 Best Grilling Recipes to Try This Summer

There's a reason so many people love firing up the grill in the summer: It brings back wonderful memories from past cookouts with friends, relatives, and neighbors, and it beckons those same people back for more good times. Oh yeah, and it's just plain delicious.

Here, you'll find a compilation of fabulous grilling recipes, each of which will inspire you to get creative at the grill. There are dozens of summer recipes for meat lovers, of course, like Ladd Drummond's legendary grilled tenderloin, plus an impossibly easy tutorial for a ribeye steak dinner with a decadent onion-blue cheese sauce and&mdashwait for it&mdashthe dreamiest grilled enchiladas. Yum! You'll also find plenty of grilled chicken recipes (the perfect addition to your Fourth of July menu!). And because nobody likes feeling left out, this best-of list is loaded with less typical favorites: vegetarian-friendly grilling options, salads made with grilled ingredients, picnic sides galore, and even Fourth of July desserts you can cook right alongside your mains.

Here's to great memories, great friends, and even better food. Fire it up!

Best grilling accessories in 2021, according to food experts

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

Whether you’ve been a dedicated pitmaster for years or are stepping up your backyard grilling game this summer, having the right grill isn’t the only thing that matters. Experienced chefs know that grilling accessories can make or break your BBQ experience, especially if you're spending more time cooking at home right now. “To an electrician, plumber or any trades person, it’s a well-known fact: You’re only as good as your tools,” says Famous Dave's founder Dave Anderson. He and other experts we consulted argue it’s important to invest in essential grilling accessories and paraphernalia, from oil sprayers to meat injectors.

Instead of opting for an over-the-top grill set that’s all about look instead of function, focus on specific needs to ensure that each piece of your personalized tool kit is high-quality. “The good news is that you don't need a ton of grilling accessories,” said Lisa McManus, executive editor of tasting and testing at America’s Test Kitchen. “A few well-chosen tools are all you need.” To help inform your decisions, we’ve rounded up some top-rated grilling accessories across price points and uses.

6. Grill Prep Trays

Safety first! These lightweight melamine trays help prevent the cross contamination of uncooked and cooked meat while you’re grilling. Nestle the trays together with the red tray on top. Put your meat on the red tray and head out to the grill. When your meat is cooked, swap the trays and put your cooked meat on the black tray. Easy, right?

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